ELANTUR guides you to create AVANT-GARDE style
One of the biggest contributions that avant-garde has brought to fashion is the use of monochrome shades. If you opt for a monochromatic outfit – in black, white, or gray – this will give you room to combine more textures and cuts and to focus on highlighting the details of the garments and the overall composition. However, this doesn’t mean that all avant-garde looks are in black and white. You can opt for bold, contrasting or complementing colors to showcase your color mixing skills and even use metallics to underline your style. For a sharp look, go for block colors or abstract patterns and avoid combining too many colors in one outfit.
How can you wear voluminous, elaborate clothes without getting lost in them or feeling like you’re pitching a tent? A rule of thumb that fashion-conscious wearers recommend is to combine voluminous pieces with fitted ones, but in the avant-garde world, you don’t have to stick to this rule in order to look good. Choose modern cuts, with voluminous geometric structures, asymmetric hemlines, or even exaggerated ruffles and pleats, if that sounds like you. As already mentioned, the point of avant-garde fashion is not to show off the body, in the way that mainstream fashion does, but rather to make an object of art out of it, through the sculptural elements of the garments. This principle applies to high-concept runway looks as much as to ready-to-wear avant-garde pieces. Avant-garde street style takes this concept and neatly integrates it in casual wear through draped materials and a variety of oversized coats and jackets.
Perhaps the best tool you can use to create a remarkable avant-garde outfit is layering. We all do it with our outfits during winter, so it’s a skill you probably have already. Start out simple, with a figure-hugging garment or another key piece that will be the pillar of your sculpture, and then add further elements to create a collage. Play with different textures and find contrasting combinations, but avoid mixing materials that are too different (for example, tweed and satin). If you’re wearing a long, loosely cut design, you can play with draping the material across the body for a dramatic effect.
classic and minimalist styles will look classy all the time. Classic and minimalist styles usually learn towards neutral color palettes, shapes, fabrics which make it easier to put together classy outfits
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